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Shanghai Craft Beer China Conference & Exhibition 2020

Nov. 25, 2020

Shanghai CBCE 2020 is an international event for the craft beer industry and leading in Asia. More than 100 high-quality craft beer brands and craft beer brewing equipment manufacturers were involved.

As a professional bio-fermentation technology and equipment provider, Angie brought our crafted products, a set of four-vessel mash system with a working capacity of 20HL, a 3+1 secondary fermentation and beer sale all-in-one kit, a double head keg washer, and a double head keg filler.

Shanghai Craft Beer China Conference

As one of the exhibitors, we owned the top 3 large exhibition stand; our team approached all visitors with professional and understandable illustration, many visitors showed interest in the craft beer industry. Later on, we were interviewed by the broadcast about our latest patent and technology.

Besides the craft beer brewing equipment, Angie also owned our brand of craft beer, Lutherburg. Without using any preservative, sterilization, filtering, and centrifuge processing, our product can be stored at room temperature for 12 months, and the level of live yeast can be maintained at 10 million per millilitre (tested three months after sealing).

Shanghai Craft Beer China Conference

During this three-day exhibition, we have presented our high-quality craft beer brewing machine, the Lutherburg craft beer with secondary fermentation, and the latest patent and technology. And we have concluded six new contracts; the total amount is more than 600,000 US dollar.

Shanghai Craft Beer China Conference