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Our Latest Patent of Remote Control

Dec. 01, 2020

What is Remote Control?

The Remote Control could make brewers achieve remote control for the temperature and pressure of the mash and the fermentation system, by using internet-connected mobile devices.

How does the Remote Control work?

First, add a network module in the control box which can be used to connect the network cable or Wi-Fi, the cell phone terminal, laptop, computer or tablet need to download an APP which is used for remote and operate the monitoring system.

The network module is connected to the network, and the touch screen interface can be viewed through Siemens Cell Phone, laptop, computer or tablets APP, it is very convenient. All operations on the touch screen can be realized, including the start and stop of the power load, temperature monitoring and setting, so that the customers can monitor remote data such as fermentation system at any time.

Our Latest Patent of Remote Control